oliver reed

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    My current works explores margins; between drawing and painting, deep and flat space, mark-making, materials and surface.


    I am intrigued by fusing materials, such as oil, emulsion, graphite, powder pigments and China clay, a fusion of materials, which for me, echo the physical elements of the experience.

    The works are initiated by walks taken in mountainous regions within Europe; a response to the experience of moving across the landscape, through memory, on-site studies and photographic documentation.


    To embed a connection further of a location, I will often use the physical landscape in my works, such as employing the use of granite stones to be used as drawing tools, making a physical and experiential connection between a location and the resulting works.


    I find myself drawn to creating works that respond to the geomorphology of a landscape, particularly tundra-like spaces, environments that may have short growing seasons, stripped bare, yet rich in ecology, creating works that echo this Landscape of Space.


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