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    Oliver Reed was born in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England. Having studied for his Foundation Diploma at Leeds College of Art and Fine Art Degree at Hull College of Art, graduating in 1993 he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and studied for his Master’s of Fine Art Degree at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1999 and taught until 2011. He is currently teaching on the Art & Design Short Course programme, University of Edinburgh and  Open College of the Arts  on the Fine Arts Degrees..


    2015 - Oliver became a council member for Visual Arts Scotland, VAS.


I find myself drawn to create work that responds to a space, a land, its geography and ecology, its history and its culture, connecting with places I may have visited, explored or remembered.


I often look to employ unusual tools and techniques, such as exploring the quality of a mark through fusing oil and water-based materials. I may also use parts of the physical environment, picking up stones, such as a granite rock to be used as a drawing and painting tool. This for me reinforces a physical and the experiential memory of a location in the resulting work.










Through exploring our natural landscape and inhabiting the spaces we encounter becomes an intrinsic part of who we are, imprinting us with memories, creating a sense of space, place and the marking of time.

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