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Mentoring is an important aspect in the development of an artists practice. By discuss your ideas with someone else can helps to ground your thoughts, vision and concepts, allowing you to verbalize your intentions and enabling you to see alternative and additional possibilities, often sparking new ideas and directions.


Focusing on the Fine Arts I am able to offer mentoring sessions, catering to your needs and requirements, offering supportive and constructive critique of your work, with constructive comments to help your practice move forward.


Who might require mentoring?

You may be an individual looking for a new direction within your work or wanting to explore new ways to develop your ideas in a sketchbook. You may be a person looking to put together a portfolio ready to apply to a college or alternatively you may be a group wanting to discuss a selection of group works.


Please select on the four options below or for further information and to discuss your needs please click here to contact me.


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